RUBBISH dumped by fly tippers at Saltwells Nature Reserve has been met with disgust by a group who works to protect the site.

The rubbish was believed to have dumped on Saturday night (August 17), with fans of the reserve horrified to see the mess the following morning.

Avril Leather, secretary of the Saltwells Clean and Green group, said she believed the rubbish amounted to a tipper truck full of waste.

She said: "I was really angry, there were people walking past with their dogs and I could see how horrified they were.

"This is our Saltwells, our bit of the countryside.

"We have recently received national status, this is not acceptable that someone thinks it's OK to dump their stuff."

Avril set to work to organise a clean up and by 2pm on Sunday a group had come together thanks to a call put on social media.

The group worked through the afternoon to haul the waste off the car park, for it to be collected in a skip.

Paying tribute to those who came out to help, Avril said: "It was really lovely, people who were visiting walked passed and thanked us."

"We get that all the time when we do litter picks, it's a great feeling."

Avril also paid thanks to head warden, Alan Preece, who came out on his day off to help.

Now, the group want to see tougher action taken on fly tippers who target the reserve.

Avril said: "It would be great if we could find the vehicle that did it and they get prosecuted. We would push for the vehicle to be crushed."

Saltwells Clean and Green group work throughout the year to tidy and protect the beauty spot.

The next clean up takes place on September 15, to find out more about the group search for Saltwells Clean and Green on Facebook.