STOURBRIDGE indie rockers Ned's Atomic Dustbin have a quieter side to their nature for fans to enjoy.

Band members Jonn and Rat are touring the UK performing as Ned's Acoustic Dustbin to present a selection of the band's tunes stripped down and reworked for a lone acoustic guitar and vocals.

The duo has also released an album featuring a mix of hits and less well-known tracks from their 32 years in the industry.

Jonn talking Ned's Acoustic Dustbin at Base Studios in Stourbridge

The self-titled album was produced by Miles Hunt from The Wonder Stuff who played a big part in the creation of Ned's Acoustic Dustbin.

Back in September 2017 Ned’s Atomic Dustbin were about to announce their first UK tour for 28 years The Wonder Stuff.

Miles and Erica from The Stuffies were ready to play acoustically for a live Facebook broadcast to make the announcement and Miles suggested that Ned's play a couple of their songs acoustically too.

Ned's had never made acoustic performance a big part of their trademark sound which featured two bass guitars and everything turned up loud.

However Jonn and Rat bought into the idea after some encouragement from Miles and Ned's Acoustic Dustbin was the result.

The laid-back version of Ned's will be performing live at Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton on January 31.

The album is available from