EMOTIONALLY-intelligent robots could soon by a common place in local businesses thanks to an innovative Halesowen company.

Bots.co.uk, part of Warrington Robotics Ltd, has made robots available to hire in one of the first services of its kind in the UK.

The human-like robots named ‘Pepper’ are capable of interacting with people and detecting their mood and emotions. Sensors are used to judge people’s tone of voice and facial expressions and the robot responds appropriately. The bots have recently been deployed in schools.

Collaborative robots, known as Cobots, are also available for use in factories.

The robotic arms can be used for picking up and placing objects, assembling equipment and packaging. Attachments can be used to allow the robots to operate screwdrivers, glue guns and paint brushes.

They can work non-stop, performing tasks without the risk of repetitive injury strain.

Tim Warrington, CEO at Bots.co.uk said: “As the demand for this technology grows, we’re supporting customers in the West Midlands and beyond who are new to using robots.

“We are able to advise the most suitable way to implement the robot into the business, and we even offer training and programming upon delivery.

“Robot rental is already popular in the US but is not something that has been seen in the UK before.”

Hire starts from only £65 per day plus training and delivery.