HARTLEBURY Trading Estate bosses have installed electric car charging points across the 200 acre business park to encourage sustainable travel.

It already houses an energy-to-waste facility aimed at reducing landfill and Rupert Jeffries of Collingwood Rigby, asset managers for the Estate, believes that the latest commitment to enhancing amenities and encouraging green travel for commuters is the next logical step.

He said: “Green travel has been a topic that both the management team, and a number of our tenants, have been very keen to advance in recent months, and we’re now looking at installing a number of points across estate.

“We’ve always had a commitment to the environment; something that might sound at odds with the county’s largest industrial estate, but something we invest in by way of supporting the local gardening group to enhance the surrounding environment within Hartlebury, and by landscaping and maintaining the Estate itself to complement our rural location.

“We’re already the site of EnviRecover, an Energy-from-Waste facility that marks the virtual elimination of landfill in Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

“Those tenants that are new to the Estate have been surprised at how un-intrusive the facility has been; often having to have it pointed out to them, and have been impressed to discover the full extent of the power it produces.

“The provision of car-charging points for the use of occupiers and their visitors is the next sensible step to promoting sustainable power and green travel within the region.”

The first point will be available for use in early 2019.