David Babalola continues to make waves in the business world as he started reselling in March 2023 and has only gotten better at his craft as time flew. This is not a surprise as he has only been excelling in all fields of his work. 

Some may say focus on GCSEs, but the talented 16-year-old did not let that get in his way as he decided to excel in his business while it is not his first-choice hobby. David has accumulated a solid 7 in his business studies in his grammar school which have surely played a part in his exhilarating success with his reselling endeavours. 

A portion of his sales include: 

Jordan 3 retros size 11 retail – £189.95 resell value – £262 

Adidas Yeezy slides retail – £60 resell value – 148 US dollars 

Nike dunk lows retail – £44.95 resell value – £69.51 


David’s strategy of purchasing a valuable product mostly shoes and then sell it for more based on the market at the time. This unique ability for the 16-year-old has really paid off as he has reaped the benefits. He tends to get some inspiration from the famous shoe reseller Benjamin Kapelushnik as he has amassed up to 1 million dollars in reselling shoes age 16. Quite a target to reach for David. 

Born and bred in Manchester, the Nigerian businessman is quite different to most teenagers in this day and age as it is quite common to see young boys like him enjoy hobbies like sport and so on but David has decided to go down the path of business whilst still in his early days, This business prodigy still has a long path to go through as the start of the road is still ahead. A lot of different things can still be taught to this young boy during his business studies and the environment he is surrounded by.