At Tej & Co we pride ourselves on offering hair removal for men and women. And only hair removal. We always use the best methods and the latest technology to deliver fabulous results.

Tej&Co can solve the problem of excess hair, for both men and women. We offer hair removal methods that really work: we've tried them, we've tested them and we and our customers, know they work. And as all we do is hair removal, rest assured that at Tej&Co not only do we know what we're doing, but we've done, and seen, it all before. You'll find a warm and professional welcome waiting for you.

Winter is the ideal time to finally achieve that soft, hair-free skin of your dreams – laser removal is not possible when you want to get some sun on your skin.

With our brand new Lumina IPL machine we can remove that unwanted hair faster than ever, so you need fewer sessions.

Why not take advantage of our 15% off laser body hair removal this winter?

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