If you want easy access to the largest storage space in your home, then call The Loft Stairs Company.

Director Mike Herity's team of craftsmen can improve access for homeowners who are fed up with standing on wobbly chairs or fetching ladders from the garage to reach items including suitcases and toys.

During fitting, which takes between two and three hours, the opening to your loft will be enlarged with the minimum inconvenience.

The company manufactures Bison ladders, which are fitted with a patented power-assisted mechanism.

This ensures the stairs glide down when you need them then rise smoothly and easily back into the loft. They are also the only ladder to come complete with an exit handle fitted in the loft.

Thanks to The Loft Stairs Company, you'll be able to store rarely used items in your loft but still have them conveniently to hand whenever you choose.

For more details and to book a free no obligation appointment, call 0800 389 1281 or visit www.theloftstairscompany.co.uk