The earlier pregnant mums stop smoking in pregnancy, the better, but stopping at any time will prevent many avoidable problems, with their baby’s growth and development benefitting enormously.

And because stopping in pregnancy is so important the Dudley Stop Smoking Service offers free dedicated support for pregnant mums, their partners and other family members.

The service employs specialist Smoking in Pregnancy Advisors, who are qualified midwives or nurses, who have been helping pregnant mums to quit smoking for many years.

Many mums however, are not aware of the real harm cigarettes can do to their baby. When they smoke they inhale over 4,000 chemicals, one of which is a dangerous chemical called carbon monoxide which gets into the blood stream.

This restricts the oxygen that’s essential for their baby’s healthy growth and development. And because their oxygen supply is restricted their baby’s tiny heart has to beat harder, every time they smoke.

However, knowing that smoking whilst pregnant isn’t good for your baby doesn’t make it any easier to quit.

That’s why the Dudley Stop Smoking service offers free expert advice and friendly support, weekly home visits, advice about managing stressful situations and cravings, nicotine replacement treatment on prescription, free carbon monoxide checks and supportive phone calls and text messages.

For a referral, pregnant mums should speak to their midwife or call the Dudley Stop Smoking Service on 0800 0850 652 for an appointment.

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