From the likes of Cadbury's Boost and Crunchie to Nestle's KitKat and Smarties the most popular chocolate bars in the UK for 2024 have been revealed.

There are so many chocolate bars to choose from these days with the likes of Cadbury, Mars and Nestle producing lots of yummy varieties.

But a new report has now revealed the most popular chocolate bar in the UK. 

The report, compiled by Lift Safe and Online Marketing Surgery, has ranked the UK's top 20 favourite chocolates based on search volume.

Halesowen News: See which chocolate bar was revealed as the most popular in the UK ahead of Boost and Quality Street.See which chocolate bar was revealed as the most popular in the UK ahead of Boost and Quality Street. (Image: PA)

The list shows Mars bars to be the most popular chocolate in the UK with an average search volume of 60,500 per month.

It also had the most total searches in 2023 with 722,000.

This was far greater than any of its competitors, with the next best being Cadbury's Boost bar with 490,800 total searches in 2023 and a monthly average of 40,500.

Nestle's Quality Streets rounded out the top 3 most popular chocolates in the UK.

The UK's favourite chocolate bars of 2024 revealed

The most popular chocolate bars in the UK, according to Lift Safe and Online Marketing Surgery, are:

  1. Mars
  2. Boost
  3. Quality Street
  4. Munchies
  5. Fudge
  6. KitKat
  7. Snickers
  8. Smarties
  9. Yorkie
  10. Bounty
  11. Curly Wurly
  12. Flake
  13. Twix
  14. Aero
  15. Crunchie
  16. Double Decker
  17. Lionbar
  18. Rolo
  19. Milkybar
  20. Toffee Crisp


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