Is side hustling the escape from the poverty cycle in the most deprived areas of England like Birmingham?

In the heart of Birmingham’s most deprived areas, a generation may have discovered the green light in navigating a brighter and unencumbered future amid deprivation and dejection. For teenagers navigating the intricate pathways of poverty, side hustling emerges as a manifestation of hope toward economic empowerment. This article will highlight the impact of how side hustling can provide hope and break the chains of poverty in Birmingham.

It has been thought that social class division was a thing of the past however this may not be the case. While the elitists have always had the financial luxury to fall back on and pave their futures, the low-income families are provided with government support however the working class continues to struggle. As a result, teenagers as young as 13 years old are finding ways to establish multiple streams of income to avoid financial struggles in the future.

What are some examples of side hustles that teenagers engage in to help them gain financial stability in the future?

· Creating a small business

· Flipping (buying products at low costs and reselling at higher prices)

· Content creating

· Tutoring

· Freelance writing

· Selling preloved items

· Social media manager

And many more.

How does side hustling help teenagers in Birmingham's most deprived areas break free from the poverty cycle?

Side hustling can provide teenagers with supplementary income and financial stability, allowing them to escape the poverty cycle. By taking on side jobs or starting small businesses, teenagers can increase their earnings and gain skills and experience that can lead to better opportunities in the future and give them a head start in life. This extra income can help them cover basic expenses and prioritise provisions for the future. Additionally, side hustling can instil a sense of independence, employability, and entrepreneurial skills in teenagers, empowering them to take control of their financial future.

So, is side hustling the escape from the poverty cycle?