Mental health plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives, especially among teenagers. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, with everyone being isolated to their own homes, schools being closed, and visiting family being too dangerous, it resulted in a lack of social interactions which caused a decline in personal well-being. Teenagers relying on their social circles as a support system have been disconnected and looking for something to fill the space, so they turned to social media. Teenagers were spending hours upon hours scrolling constantly on the different social media platforms, consistently seeing this perfect image being portrayed.

We all know that we have our difficulties however on social media this is never displayed instead popularity, attractiveness, and success results in young people feeling pressured to live up to society’s standards. What young people do not understand is that all the content that is posted on social media is carefully curated so it highlights the positive aspects, such as their: physical appearance and achievements. Although behind the screens, everyone faces some kind of challenge, even though many hide this. It is crucial for everyone to normalise that sometimes we may need help and our mental health does matter.

Our enterprise group in my school decided to open up a small business called Sereniki surrounding the topic of mental health. We are creating a self-care kit that consists of fun treats so that teenagers can take a break from the screens and social media and focus on appreciating themselves and that which is around them rather than trying to live a life that is portrayed online.

Our self-care kit consists of many items that help you with your mental health, building confidence, developing healthy habits, and achieving relaxation.

Inside our self-care kits, there is a mirror, the idea of this is that you decorate it with markers, quotes/goals. This uplifts a person’s spirits and mental health. Seeing yourself in the mirror that has been suited to you, lets you forget about societal standards also resulting in a boost in confidence. Studies have consistently shown that individuals with high self-efficiency are more likely to set challenging goals, persist in the face of obstacles, and achieve success. This is why decorating your mirror with quotes and goals is important. This self-care kit provides a relaxing activity for many who are stressed by having time to yourself, which can help people understand and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Doing this daily, or even a few times a week, allows a person to be able to take care of themselves; by doing this you will have a positive mindset in life.

With this self-care kit we are on a mission to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelming feelings providing improved mental health as it allows them to maintain an optimistic mindset while facing daily challenges.