THE owner of a historic pub, which councillors fear will fall into ruin, has failed to submit a promised change of use application, despite an impending compulsory purchase order.

Alex Prindiville, owner of the Unicorn pub in Great Rollright, has until the end of August, to apply for the property to become a dwelling.

After this deadline, the Grade II listed building faces a repairs notice, which if ignored will lead to a CPO.

West Oxfordshire District Council development manager Phil Shaw said even if the application was filed, it is 'very unlikely' that it would impact council action.

However, a pub spokesman said it intended to get an application in before the deadline.

Mr Shaw said: "The currently promised application has of itself not actually been submitted despite assurances that it would be with us.

"The history of the site is that the owners assurances and actions have not been sufficient to secure and safeguard the future of this listed building.

"There have in the past been many applications seeking change of use which have not been supported.

"We are enacting the resolution made earlier this year to move towards the issuing of a repairs notice and compulsory purchase of the building."

Mr Shaw said the council have to complete a final financial risk assessment before pressing forward with the notice.

A consultant working for the owner said: "My deadline is to get a planning application into them before the repairs notice is issued.

"This is not another action to delay, the council will not tolerate it. This is the end of the road.

"The council will issue a repairs notice at the end of August. It's important to get the planning application in before then.

"There has been intransigence on both sides. No one wants to go to court, a CPO is a costly process."

The consultant says the pub would fail the CAMRA viability test and that the owner wants to turn it into a home for his family.