A BROMSGROVE fostering agency is celebrating national Foster Care Fortnight by urging more people to consider fostering young people in need.

Clifford House Fostering is celebrating the this year’s campaign between May 14 to 27, which takes the theme of #proudtofoster.

One of their fosters, Tammy Rochelle, started her journey with Clifford House along with her husband just over a year ago.

After having their first child they wanted to give another child the same positive upbringing that their own son has had, and welcomed 17-year-old Zainab to their family.

She said: “We knew that we could offer a loving and supportive home to another child that may be less fortunate than our own. With our son’s consent, we decided to become a foster family.

“Seeing our young lady grow and develop from the person she once was, to the amazing person she is today is why I’m proud to foster.

"With our guidance, she has started to make positive decisions and is turning her life around. We could not be prouder of her!”

Zaiban says she enjoys spending quality time with her family, including activities such as movie night and meals out.

And she has also enjoyed experiencing Christmas for the first time - something she had not done before due to her religion.

She said: “I feel very lucky to have the carers I have got. I feel very loved and was accepted into their family from the start. I always feel like I can talk to my family about anything and they will always be there to support me.”

If you would like to find out more about fostering with Clifford House, call on 0800 3698515 or visit cliffordhousefostering.com.