ALMOST 1,000 people have signed an online petition calling for more openness and transparency at Herefordshire Council.  

The petition on was launched just days after the council’s audit and governance committee scuppered attempts for more accountability in the dealing with complaints about councillor behaviour.

 Councillors who are found in breach of the code of conduct will not be named, if proposals to change the council’s constitution stay as they are.

 So far, more than 940 people have signed the petition directed to council leader Jonathan Lester asking for any misconduct at the council to be made public.  

The petition reads: “Let’s get as many signatures as we can by May 25 to send a message to them that they cannot keep us in the dark about misconduct within the council.”  

Justin Griffiths, a supporter, said “The stuff we have heard about must be the tip of the iceberg, if they feel the need to vote this way.  

“The contempt they show for the general public is absolutely disgusting.

 “This is disgraceful and undemocratic in every sense.”  

Hereford resident Sally Stone said the public should always have a right to know what is happening around the council.  

She added: “Councils should be held accountable and transparency is key.”  

Another supporter Graeme Bell said: “Councillors are employed by us. As their employers we must have access to the details of their conduct while in our employment.”  

The council’s audit and governance committee recommendations regarding changes to the constitution, which includes code of conduct breaches, will be debated by full council on May 25.  

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “Herefordshire Council welcomes petitions and recognises they are a valuable facility to enable issues affecting local communities to be highlighted.   “Any petition will be considered once it is submitted, in accordance with our petition scheme.”  

The petition can be viewed at .