MORE than 30 caravans are now parked on a field at the edge of Worcester which travellers moved onto yesterday.

It is not yet known if they are the same travellers who were encamped on the King George V playing field.

Another member of the public, commenting on the Worcester News Facebook page yesterday, said: "Broomhall Green in St Peter's is inundated with travellers. It was reported mid-week and folk were told they would go Saturday.

"Unfortunately loads more have turned up late this afternoon. Council offices I expect are closed now for the bank holiday. Loads of vans, caravans, horses, geese and dogs. Not to mention what all the horses are leaving behind.

"Never seen so many vans before but assume they shouldn’t be there. We believe it [the site] may be part of the private land bought for possible future housing development."

Another member of the public said:"Travellers have moved onto the field off Broomhall Way between that and Taylor’s Lane at the St Peter’s roundabout, holding all the traffic up earlier while trying to negotiate the narrow Taylor’s Lane turn and then again into the field, quite a number of vans, cars and caravans were piling into the field.

"I drove by again this morning and they’ve multiplied overnight, must be 30 or more caravans there now."

Police and officials were reported to have visited the site this afternoon.