A TEENAGE burglar stole £800 worth of handbags and swiped a purse from a pensioner’s home in Tolladine.

Prosecuting Tim Talbot-Webb said Biddle had stolen £800 worth of Chinese handbags and other items from two sheds in Brookside Road on June 16.

He said the items taken were found in a neighbouring street.

Speaking on the theft of the purse, Mr Talbot-Webb said: "The victim, a retired gentleman, saw him (Biddle) jump over the fence.

"He left the purse behind as he ran away.

"The gentleman realised someone was in his house by a refection on the television screen."

The purse contained between £10 and £20 in cash.

Defending, Sabhia Pathan said Biddle had been "honest" and "cooperative" with police following his arrest.

The court heard Biddle was identified as the burglar from blood found on a box inside the shed.

He plead guilty to three counts of burglary, one classified as a dwelling with no violence, and two other than dwelling, at Kidderminster Magistrates Court on Wednesday, August 8.

He was granted conditional bail.

He must report to Kidderminster Police Station between noon and 2pm each day. He was ordered to not enter Brookside Road, Worcester, and to sleep and reside at his address in Summer Road, Kidderminster.

He will appear for sentencing at Worcester Crown Court on Wednesday, September 5.