MARAUDING Vikings will be vying with battle-weary British Tommies and Greek Hoplites for the attention of the crowds at a spectacular living history show.

Around 1,000 re-enactors are expected to descend on Spetchley Park near Worcester for the M5 Living History Show today and Sunday (August 11-12), bringing the past back to life with a bang.

Full of pomp and pageantry, the show has continued to grow in popularity over the last decade, bringing people face-to-face with re-enactors.

A vast cross-section of historical periods are represented from Ancient Greek through to Medieval and from the English Civil War through to Napoleonic, Crimean and the First and Second World Wars.

There will be battles and displays throughout the two days, and organisers say there’s never a dull moment.

While the large traders’ area can supply guests with anything from a new string for your longbow to a tasty burger.

There is even a prefabricated 1940’s pub, The Wheatsheaf, serving real ale to visitors from any time period.

Among those to attend last year was Richard Delingpole, one of the original founders of the show who has watched it expand beyond expectation.

Speaking to the Worcester News, he explained that the show had quite humble beginnings as an ‘armoured picnic’ with around 24 people but had grown significantly since then.

Mr Delingpole was dressed as a French machine gunner or ‘mitrailleur’ from the First World War.

He said: “The re-enactors love it more than any other show. It’s run by re-enactors for re-enactors.”

The event is also supported by Worcestershire Ambassadors.