I AM writing with reference to your front page article (July 27) about the decision by Worcestershire County Council to cut out the services of a lollipop lady outside Somers Park School.

I am familiar with the scenario of children using this busy crossing because recently I took my granddaughter to school there on a daily basis for a year.

I would like to make the point that zebra crossings are no guarantee of safety.

I write from experience having been knocked down on the crossing near the Foley Arms in Malvern few years ago.

The Department of Transport's Report for 2016 shows that 34 children were seriously injured and 197 were slightly injured on zebra crossings.

In the light of the decision by Worcestershire County Council it is important to note that where the crossing had a human control the numbers of casualties were much reduced.

I should add that the fine for failing to stop at a zebra crossing in very low in the UK compared with other countries.

What a disgrace to make trivial savings where children's safety is concerned.