FRAUDSTERS are making small purchases with fake notes and pocketing the change.

Locals said two men, thought to be in their 20s, have been using counterfeit £20 and £50 notes in Upton.

Bob Kay, the owner of the town's Spar shop, aged 82, said: "We have had one £50 note.

"We had a check kit installed and it passed the check.

"They came in a couple of weeks ago. It was about the time of Upton Blues Festival.

"They bought a packet of cigarettes and took the change for £50.

"We went to Barclays and they said it was fake."

Mr Kay said fraudsters had also targeted two or three pubs in the area.

PC Kevin Johns, of Upton Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), said: "A fake £50 Scottish note was used at the Spar.

"We believe it's people from out of town [using the notes]. If anyone has any information relating to it they can contact the SNT."

To report information to the police ring 101 and ask for Upton Safer Neighbourhood Team.