A GULF War veteran fears the UK could be destroyed by Brexit.

Stuart Thomson, who co-founded the anti-Brexit group Veterans for Europe, believes Britain will be weaker outside the EU and branded the decision to leave as 'cowardly'.

However, the chairman of UKIP in Worcester said the EU's drive for its own army poses the real danger.

Mr Thomson, aged 50, from Malvern, said: “I was on operations with the Dutch and French. They were very good soldiers. We are brothers in arms.

“Brexit is the single most cowardly thing this country has ever done. We are one of the major powers in Europe and we are just running away.

“We are cowering on our island.”

Mr Thomson is worried that Brexit could result in the ‘destruction’ of the UK and says he cannot sit back and watch.

The campaigner believes that Russia's President Vladimir Putin poses a threat to peace in Europe.

He said: “How do you stop that - Nato is the first answer, but who’s the prime country behind Nato, the Americans.

“They aren’t looking in our direction, which means we need the Europeans. Europe can be a brilliant bulwark against Putin. I don’t think we can maintain our security outside of the EU.

“Europe is not being led militarily. We need to be there with the French, the Germans, everyone. We have to protect our continent.”

Mr Thomson, who served in the RAF’s Tactical Communications Wing for over 10 years, said he had received death threats and been called a traitor because of his campaigning.

The former communications engineer said the group is also fighting on behalf of members’ European dependants, such as spouses, who now face an uncertain future.

Mr Thomson, who wants a second referendum, said: “We were sold a great Brexit dream, they have had two years to come up with it and all we have seen is a nightmare.”

However, Owen Cleary, chairman of Worcester UKIP, thinks the UK and the EU will be safer after Brexit.

He said: "If the European army is able to increase at pace it will undermine Nato. Anything that threatens the strength of Nato in Europe is a bad thing.

"If us leaving the EU means the UK - a major player in Europe - is not involved in a European army that's a good thing."

Mr Thomson co-founded Veterans for Europe with a Navy veteran and a former soldier last year.

It now has over 200 members.