A PLAN to build 246 homes as the first part of a major urban extension in Evesham was delayed after the design was called awful and boring.

The homes are the first phase of a 460 home development granted planning permission by Wychavon District Council in May last year and the council's planning committee was tasked with approving the design and layout of the development.

Councillors decided to defer a decision citing poor layout, low-quality design and the small number of bungalows as areas of concern.

Councillor Tony Rowley said he hoped he was not alone in thinking the design of the homes was “pretty awful” and what was supposed to be high-quality design was actually “pretty shocking.”

He said the development was an important location and a “gateway into Evesham” which merited the highest quality of design and the developer Bloor Homes could do much better.

Cllr Val Wood said: “The design is really boring and really unimaginative.”

The 22 hectare site off Cheltenham Road next to Evesham United Football Club would include a mix of two, three and four-bedroom homes.

As part of the district council’s 40 per cent affordable housing policy, 97 of the homes, including six bungalows, would be affordable.

Almost 30 per cent of the first phase is green space with the larger proportion of the 8.8 hectares – required as part of the planning permission – due to be made in the second phase to the north of the site.

Cllr Audrey Steel criticised the lack of bungalows in the development and said it was time the council "put its foot down" and ask for more market and affordable bungalows in developments.

She said: "Out of 243 proposed dwellings only six are bungalows and of those six none of them are market bungalows, all of them are affordable."

"There are people clamouring for bungalows and I can tell you that from where I live.

"If there's a bungalow for sale it's sold overnight literally."