A MUM gave birth inside a borrowed Volvo car on the way to hospital.

Natalie Webb, 22, was in the passenger seat while her partner Ashley Laydon, 24, was driving her to Worcestershire Royal Hospital in a V40 hatchback for a planned birth when she went into labour earlier than expected.

The couple were initially hopeful they would reach the maternity department in good time but baby Harvey had other ideas.

The parents-to-be were forced to pull over at a crossroads in Pinvin, Pershore, where Harvey made his arrival.

Fortunately, Ashley’s mum was following behind in her car and helped deliver her grandson.

Ms Webb, from Honeybourne, said: “I had never envisaged that I’d give birth in a car – it was certainly a memorable way for my baby to enter the world. It was the biggest shock, but all went well and Harvey is happy and healthy – despite the circumstances.”

Ashley was on the phone getting advice from paramedics on how his mum should deliver the baby, which she did.

The paramedics could not send an ambulance as they could not locate the car.

Baby Harvey was born at 2.35am and weighed 5.4lbs.

The family are home now and doing well but have opted for a slightly larger Volvo model, a V60.

Isaac Snowzell, service advisor at Listers Volvo Worcester, said: “We’ve heard of exciting things happening when we loan out our cars but none quite so dramatic as this.

“We’re really pleased to hear mum and baby are doing well, and we were delighted to meet the new arrival and give him a present when he visited.

“We wish them all the luck in the world!”

Chris Wickes, 52, vice chairman of the Volvo Owner’s Club, said: “Let’s hope Harvey takes after his parents and becomes a fan of Volvo. If the family buy the Volvo, the club will make them complimentary members.”