COUNTY voters claim a picture which features on the campaign leaflet of the incumbent leader of Herefordshire Council is misleading voters.

Conservative councillor Jonathan Lester has used a photograph of the defibrillator at Burley Gate village hall on his election propaganda for next week’s local elections.

But those involved in the project say the Three Crosses ward candidate had nothing to do with bringing the lifesaving equipment to the area.

One of the fundraisers for the defibrillator called it a cheap publicity stunt that is undermining his campaign.

“The use of this photograph has for me completely undermined every other photograph in your literature,” she said in an email to Coun Lester.

“I strongly feel the use of this photograph was a cheap publicity stunt that is now backfiring as I am sure all the people who supported our fundraising will be as equally disgusted as I am.

“I did not see you at the training session arranged at Burley Gate village hall where 56 local people were trained in the use of the defibrillator.

“The following day we visited the top classes at Burley Gate school so they could learn the importance of a defibrillator.

“Where were you, Mr Lester?”

Coun Lester replied to the email apologising for any concern he may have inadvertently caused.

“I chose this picture because it encapsulated health and wellbeing in a rural context,” he said.

“I am sorry that you feel the use of this picture implies that I was responsible for the initiative to provide the defibrillators.

“The text does not claim in any way that I am responsible for the defibrillator project that you and others within the community have achieved on your own initiative.

“However, given your concerns, I will clarify this should any member of the public ask.”