FAMILIES turned out for an Easter fun day at a park in the county.

The event - held at Fort Royal Park in Worcester - benefited from great weather.

Jenny Brumhead, 51, from the group Friends of Fort Royal Park and Commandery Gardens (FFRPCG), which are behind the event, said: “The park is wonderful, a real oasis of calm in the middle of city and we want to encourage more people to enjoy it.”

Visitor Firmina Kausar, 44, said: “It's near my grandmother’s house so it’s ideal as we’ve come to visit from Birmingham.

“Anything that gets children away from laptops and out in to the fresh air is a good thing.”

Tiffany Farmsworth, 23, is here with her child, Ben, who is four.

She said: “We’ve been on the Easter egg hunt for the past three years and we walk past this park everyday.

“We like to spend the Bank Holiday Monday doing something that is a bit more relaxed.

Ben said he enjoyed the hula hoop the most.

Lisa Jontilano, 47, said: "Lovely day. The weather is so nice and it's free."

Paul Edwards, 52, a community officer for the housing group Fortis Living volunteered at the event and said: “I’m here at the event as our role as a housing organisation is to create community cohesion, to create better communities."

Cllr Lynn Denham reflected on the event: "I'm really pleased how many people came and it was lovely to see lots of families."

Although the aim of the day was to create a sense of community, monies raised for FFRPCG amounted to £60 from refreshment sales.

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