A GROUP of friends have filled 15 bin bags of litter after cleaning the grounds of a Worcester park.

Heather Curtis, along with her partner and their two friends, spent four hours on Easter Sunday collecting litter from Brickfields Park, in Ash Avenue, Worcester.

Miss Curtis, aged 24, says there are plastic wrappers, glass bottles, cans and McDonald’s Monopoly stickers dropped across the grounds, adding: “People have bagged up their dog poo and thrown it on the floor.”

Miss Curtis, from Worcester, added: “The sad thing is we could probably have got four times this amount. There is a ridiculous amount of rubbish in the area.

“Brickfields is so bad for littering. I think people assume that as the park is owned by the council that someone will come and clear up their mess.

“People may think if they drop a single wrapper it will not matter. However, if everyone had that mindset, the rubbish would soon add up.”

The group have said they will be visiting Brickfields Park again soon, before moving on to cleaning other areas in the city.

Miss Curtis said: “I want to inspire others to help with the environment and encourage them to not drop litter to start with. It is about making people aware and think before they act.”

She added: “Four hours and lots of hard work later we got some pretty good results. A few people came up to us to say thank you. A gentleman said he will bring his kids and help clear up the rubbish in a couple of weeks.

“A few young lads also approached us, which I thought was lovely, and they thanked us for the work we were doing.”


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