CYCLISTS have welcomed a new mountain bike trail on the Malvern Hills – but some people are against the route, saying animals could be put at risk.

A series of signposted mountain biking trails can now be found on the beauty spot, and a spokesman for the Malvern Hills Trust said: “These easy to follow routes form part of our Malvern by Mountain Bike project to help cyclists find their way around this iconic landscape.”

This has pleased many cyclists in the area, but some residents are against the idea.

Resident Russell Price said: “Brilliant news for cyclists. The Malverns have been the training ground for at least two world champions and an Olympian over the last two decades.”

However, commenting on the Worcester News website, NeverWrongMe said: “Our dog was hit by a cyclist nearly two years ago on the hills. The cyclist didn’t even stop. We don’t go up there anymore.”

Another reader, Mjvande, added: “All animals are disturbed by the presence of humans, which is well known by conservation biologists.

“Since mountain bikers travel faster and farther than hikers, they have several times as much impact on wildlife. There is no good reason to allow bikes on any unpaved trails.”

Orla Nutting added: “I don’t favour cyclists in the Malvern Hills. They destroy the peaceful enjoyment of the hills.”

Shogunrun43 said: “It’s good as long as they behave. Most are good but a few, like all walks of life, spoil it for others.”

Cyclist Steve Davies said: “I love riding on the Malvern hills. It’s too far to travel on my own to the Forest of Dean for a spontaneous ride as I only live in Barnards Green I just ride up the Wyche and across the hills.

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