A LABOUR councillor is facing an investigation after he was accused of writing homophobic rants on Twitter.

It has been reported that Alan Humphries, who sits on Droitwich Town Council and is standing for election to Wychavon District Council next month, posted anti-gay tweets aimed at politicians, footballers and blind cricketers dating back to 2010.

The Sun reported that Mr Humphries sent tweets, which have since been deleted, calling former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg “The F*g” and referred to the Liberal Democrats as “the Tory’s bum boys.”

Mr Humphries, who has the username ‘Droitwich Lefty’, was also alleged to have sent anti-abusive tweets describing former England players Peter Crouch and Theo Walcott as a “pair of whingeing poofs.”

The councillor also allegedly called England Disability Cricketer of the Year, Luke Sugg, a “little f*g” and described International Blind Cricket as “utter feckless sh**e played by pampered nancy boys.”

The Labour party has said it will investigate. Mr Humphries has apologised for the tweets and said the posts are “absolutely appalling and fill me with disgust.”

Mr Humphries claims that the posts do not reflect him as a person, and he supports the LGBT+ community. He has since made his Twitter account private.

Daniel Somerville, treasurer from Worcestershire Pride said: “Obviously it’s very disappointing to hear that a public official made those kind of comments, which were pretty unacceptable even in 2010. Mr Humphries has apologised and we hope that he and other politicians will in future value and respect their LGBTQ+ constituents.

“Worcestershire Pride is an apolitical organisation and we stand ready to help any party or organisation wishing to address homophobia and move towards acceptance and equality within their membership.”


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