A COUNCILLOR has called for parking spaces outside a city fish and chip takeaway to stop customers getting tickets while buying food.

County Councillor Richard Udall is worried trade at St John’s Fish Bar will suffer.

He says parking restrictions are currently leading customers to park illegally on yellow lines during the day.

Cllr Udall, who represents St John’s ward, has written to the council’s highways department in the hope they will agree to two or three spaces for up to half an hour for customers.

The current restrictions ban all parking, during the day, on Monday to Friday.

Cllr Udall said the restrictions outside the Lambert Road establishment existed to prevent obstructive parking, but he believes they could easily damage the business.

Fish bar owner Nick Zipiti said: “We had one the other day, a woman parked just up the road and got booked – she was just waiting for food.”

The businessman, who has owned the chip shop for 10 years, added: “With the yellow line, every time we park or anything, if we’re having work done, I have to put a notice out because they’ll book anyone. They come often. Any car they see here they will book it. There’s nothing for us, even in front of my garage they’ve put a yellow line so I can’t park here.”

Mr Zipiti has put a notice up outside an adjacent car park, warning customers it is for residents only.

He added: “They wouldn’t even let me park my car – I’ve asked them and even offered them rent for a spot. There’s plenty there.

“Sometimes customers will stop there for five minutes. If they get caught they get shouted at. It’s not just my customers, it’s lots of people, that’s why I put the notice there.”

Mr Zipiti said: “We don’t even need half an hour sometimes, but, yeah, just in case there’s a queue. Tea-time doesn’t matter, you’re allowed to park.”

Cllr Udall said: “It’s a necessity, we’re supposed to be helping business not holding them back. Officially, loading and unloading is allowed on yellow lines and I can always make the argument that they are loading chips.”

A council spokesman said: “Cllr Udall can request consideration of a traffic order which will follow the usual assessment by officers, consultation and legal processes. Once we receive his request, we will consider it.”