A PERSHORE woman is keeping the family business alive by giving it a new lease of life.

Fordys Fishing Tackle was originally started by Chloe Ford’s grandad, George Ford in Pershore retail market, and he was there for three years.

The business moved to 78 High Street in 2008, and was focused on selling fishing tackle for a number of years, before later diversifying into air guns and accessories.

After completing an apprenticeship, Miss Ford officially joined the business as a joint venture but after just six month her grandad had to leave the firm after being diagnosed with cancer, and a few months later passed away.

“I had to learn very quickly and with the help of friends and family managed to keep the business going," Miss Ford said.

"I decided that I would carry on with the business on my own, it was a hard decision as I didn’t really have the knowledge and experience I felt I needed to be able to do it - I was only 18.

"I had to do a diploma which took me four months which I was really impressed with as it was supposed to be an 18-month course, but I didn’t have 18 months before I’d be out of business.

"The business kept going and I had a steep learning curve to climb, as with lots of other products I couldn’t compete with online prices and had to come up with a plan to stay in business as I didn’t want to have to close the shop that my grandad had started all those years ago."

Miss Ford decided to stop selling airguns and keep selling the original fishing tackle and equipment, but also introduce aquatic equipment and fish.

"I’m hoping that the local and surrounding communities use me for the aquatic equipment and fish, I am trying to stock as much as I can and also offer help and advise on fish keeping," she added.

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