WEST Mercia Police and Highways England are aiming to change the behaviour of risky drivers and make roads safer in operation Tramline.

The joint initiative is in place to help decrease the number of people killed or seriously injured on the Highways England road network (motorways and major trunk roads).

The cabs, which are funded by Highways England, have travelled thousands of miles since they first took to the road 12 months ago and police officers inside the vehicles have recorded over 3,500 offences, including over 450 in the Midlands.

A plain white HGV tractor unit has been in operation already this year, and recently been used along the M5 for last week, with more dates planned.

The elevated position of the cab allows police officers to film unsafe driving behaviour within passing vehicles and to deal with these offences as appropriate.

The Operation aims to crack down on offenders who continue to break the law, focusing on risky behaviour, such as mobile phone use and seatbelt use, a contributory factor in relation to road collisions and the resulting injuries.

Anthony Thorpe, Highways England Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention Advisor said: "Highways England is committed to working collaboratively with our partners in the police to improve road safety and we will continue to use the HGV cab to tackle deaths and serious injuries and to encourage people to improve how they drive."

Inspector Gavin Williams of West Mercia Police said; "It's concerning that there are still motorists using our road network that are willing to risk their own and others safety by concentrating on things other than driving. During this Operation we have witnessed drivers of heavy goods vehicles texting, watching films and using social media sites."

Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said: "I welcome this innovative operation and partnership approach to changing the behaviours of drivers. It's great to have the support of Highways England as we look to tackle the problem of people driving dangerously and without care on our roads. I had the privilege of seeing it first-hand and I was incredibly impressed with the HGV cab and the officers involved.

"I hope to see this operation change the behaviour of drivers and ultimately reduce the number of people committing offences and putting lives at risk on our roads."