A 52-year-old was caught driving whilst disqualified and without insurance by police.

Robert Anslow was given points on his licence and fined when he appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court last Thursday.

Nichola Ritchie, prosecuting, said Anslow was spotted by officers on the B4084 to Drakes Broughton, from Pershore, on April 22, and came to their attention of officers due to the way he was driving.

She said he was stopped by officers before he reached the M5, and when they spoke to Anslow he admitted he didn’t have a licence.

Miss Ritchie said checks had later revealed Anslow had previous driving related convictions, including a failure to provide a specimen for analysis - and when Anslow was caught he was just shy of the three year ban period.

Fergus Maxwell, defending, said: “In my submission he made a genuine error. He should have checked, but he thought his disqualification was up. He wasn’t insured by the disqualification in any event.This is in the lowest bracket (of offending)”

Mr Maxwell said Anslow, of Bunns Lane, Dudley, was currently out of work and living with his sister and with his saving running out, he was soon likely to have to claim for benefits.

Magistrates, for the offence of driving whilst disqualified, gave Anslow six points on his licence, fined him £120, and ordered Anslow to pay costs of £135 and a victim surcharge of £30 - a total of £285.

There was no separate penalty for having no insurance.

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