MADAM - As someone interested in local democracy and making the world a better place, last week I chose to skip work and attend a Worcestershire County Council meeting, in support of an important motion calling for emergency action on climate change.

Joining others from Redditch and 100+ local people gathered in support of this call (something uncommon at most county council meetings) we were hopeful that elected members would agree to immediate action on climate change. Oh how wrong we were.

Whilst it was a pleasure to welcome the new chairman, Peter Tomlinson, charismatic creator of 1970s children’s show Tiswas, we were saddened by the decorum and leadership of Conservative members who chose to water-down this motion to near emptiness.

Not only have the Tories hijacked this Climate Emergency motion, they have failed to address the real issue - action needs to happen now!

What’s more, elected Conservative members for Redditch remained distinctly silent on the issue.

Choosing to set climate change targets for 2050, rather than 2030, creates a sad tiswas of the climate issue and clearly misses the point.

It’s evident that the Tories are carbon dinosaurs. Several members were rude to us, or intent on massaging their own ego, rather than showing genuine leadership on issues around climate change. We’re disappointed by their manners and attitude, and would urge voters to remember this at the 2021 County Council elections.

Bring on the Phantom Flan Flinger!

Alistair Waugh

Birchfield Road