DR Lucy Worsley is chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces, the charity which looks after the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, and other historic places.

On May 28 she’ll be bringing the amazing life of Queen Victoria vividly into focus on the Palace Theatre stage.

A spokesman said: "Queen Victoria is often remembered as little old lady, spherical in shape, dressed in black, perpetually grumpy.

"Right? Or perhaps she was a passionate young princess, a romantic heroine with a love of dancing.

"There is also a third Victoria - a woman who was also a remarkably successful queen, one who invented a new role for the monarchy."

Historian Lucy Worsley wants to make you think again.

Lucy's illustrated talk takes you into the life, the palaces, and the rich colourful age of this woman who ruled a quarter of the globe.

For more information, go to redditchpalacetheatre.co.uk.