A GROUP of 15 has raised thousands to save their Kidderminster social club from closure following a bout of financial difficulties.

St. George's Social Club on Radford Avenue, which was established 74 years ago, was due to close on Wednesday, May 15, but determined members chipped in to raise £10,000 to give their club a boost and ensure its survival.

The financial problems affecting the future of the club were told to members in the middle of April.

After objecting against possible closure, some of the members started to raise money with the hope of saving their club.

Now, the committee want to bring the club back to a family bar with a range of community events.

A spokesperson said: "The club couldn't carry on as it was, so some of its members got together to inject some of their money into it.

"In a few weeks we will be opening the memberships back up.

"Right now we are trying to walk before we can run. There’s a lot of hard work ahead but we are all willing to chip in.

"A meeting was recently held where forms were signed and the club passed from the old trustees to the new.

"We have also had a meeting with a brewery who will be supporting us.

"We are feeling positive and prepared to give it a good go, and look forward to future bookings."

Looking to the future, the club hopes to continue to host events in its function rooms, as well as put on barbecues and car boot sales.

They also plan to renovate the grass front with a new beer garden.