PARKING issues in a cul-de-sac have become so dire a woman says she was forced to phone police for help.

Barbara Moss of Aconbury Close, Worcester, said there were so many parked cars around the bend of the road, she and her husband were unable to get through.

Mrs Moss said: “We have cars parked on both sides of the road. Earlier we couldn’t even get our car out. We had to bring our smaller car to get out of the close. For seven years nothing has been done to help us. It is really getting exasperating. Certainly an emergency vehicle wouldn’t be able to get through.”

We've reported previously on parking problems in the road, which is near to Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Perry Manor Care Home.

Mrs Moss added: “It has been getting worse and worse and worse. The black bins are supposed to be collected today and there is no way they will fit through.”

Mrs Moss, 64, said driving out of the close onto the busy Newtown Road can be difficult as the exit is on a right angle and cars are parked around the bend.

The retired teacher has been free of cancer for 10 years after a battle with cancer of the colon. She retired early in 2006 because of her illness but has been doing voluntary cancer advocacy work with her husband and attends conferences around the country.

But Mrs Moss says she has had trouble getting to them due to the obstruction in the close.

She said: “We go to Cancer Congress and we occasionally use our caravan. We have had to wait to get the caravan out before and other times, in the end, we have had to disconnect the caravan from the car. We have been delayed. We have had serious problems because of inconsiderate parking.”

Councillor Lucy Hodgson, district councillor for Warndon Parish South said: “We are continually monitoring the situation and we would urge people that if cars are obstructing their drive ways then it is a police matter and you should ring 101. We are aware that there are parking issues and over the years various traffic regulation orders have been introduced in the area. There are regularly traffic patrols and they do issue tickets.”

Mrs Moss said she visited Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service on Tuesday, the same day she called police, and was told firefighters may ram cars out of the way if required.