HEREFORD'S very own Banksy has revealed their identity as they like people to have a connection with the artist.

Helen Parry revealed she is miniature street artist Tiny Trekker and previously crept around Herefordshire leaving her tiny sculptures in different places, but she has now decided she will stop being so secretive about her artwork.

The teaching assistant creates the tiny pieces of art on pegs and then leaves them in various places across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Recently, she left three pieces at British Camp on the Malvern Hills but more are expected to appear in Hereford over the coming weeks.

Ms Parry said: "It was really hard not to 'come out'. I work in a school so some of the children were wondering. I had a class and I had to tell them not to say a word.

"I revealed my identity because I was getting up at 6am and putting out displays. I thought if I went out at 4pm then people could speak to me instead of me sneaking around.

"If I'm buying art I like knowing the artist, who they are, where they live and what they were thinking when they made the work, it's nice to have that contact with the artist."

Recent works by Tiny Trekker include Herbie the love bug, strawberries and cream and shredded, which is Ms Parry's take on one of Banky's pieces.

The figures used for the art are just one centimetre tall, with all the scenes and props handmade by Tiny Trekker.

If you spot one of the pieces around, take a photo, re-hide it and then share the image to