NEARLY £50,000 has been raised to help fund a popular café after it was forced to close its doors.

Café Bliss, which was situated on the ground floor of the Worcester Arts workshop building in Sansome Walk, closed in May 2018 after eight years.

Staff from Café Bliss hosted an array of events to support groups and charities.

Manager, Amanda Hickling, said she aims to continue serving the community when she re-opens her café.

People have given money to Ms Hickling to help fund a new venue due to customers feeling disappointed.

Ms Hickling, aged 52, said: “People who know us have come forward and have given us money. It was either donated or loaned.

“It gives us a scope. We hope to continue the work of Café Bliss and further what we have done.

“Our ethos here is so organic. There are so many cafes – you have got to be different to stand out from the rest.”

She added: “We are sociable and provide something for everyone. We’re all about helping the local people, making everyone feel involved and giving them a sense of belonging.

“We provide our time and service in exchange to getting to know people.

“Everyone likes what we do. We promote well-being, mindfulness, we support people who feel socially isolated and help reduce food poverty and deprivation.

“It gets groups to gravitate towards us who have the same ethos. The idea we try to get out is to support local groups, charities, provide entertainment and food in a homely environment.”

A year after the closure, Ms Hickling claims people are still following Café Bliss’ Facebook page and customers are frequently asking what the future holds for them.

Ms Hickling said: “We still have people following us and liking our Facebook page. After a year you’d think it’ll settle down, but people are still asking about our plans.

“So many people were disappointed when we closed.

"It was basically a community that got suddenly got dispersed. The LGBT+ community was very strong here. They felt safe.

"To have that taken away from them, it was a big change to their lives.

“The closure had a massive impact on us and the local people.

"It was everything to us, day and night."


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