A WOMAN dubbed ‘The Relationship Artist’ was inspired to help save couples on the brink of splitting up following her divorce.

Cathy Garner, from Kempsey, became a relationship coach 10 years ago following her divorce.

She claims that by using science she can coach couples and apply skills which will save or enhance a relationship.

Mrs Garner, aged 45, said: “I’ve experimented in my own love life and use this as well as science in my coaching.

“I’ve had real challenges in my relationships. After my divorce, I was determined to figure out what makes love work.

“I stopped trusting my heart and turned to science to discover that real love isn’t fated; it’s created. In my first marriage, I was trying so hard and unknowingly making things worse.

“Discovering the science of relationships changes everything. It gives you clear, simple insights so you know exactly what to do to turn things around and bring the joy and love back.

“What more do we want in our lives than a deep, long term relationship.”

Mrs Garner has delivered talks, workshops and online courses to couples all over the world, such as Tokyo and Santa Fe. She aims to help couples rekindle their passion and commitment, and also support individuals who haven’t dated in years to find love again.

She added: “I’ve helped couples turn good relationships into great ones and people living separately to fall back in love and be more committed to their relationships than ever before. Every relationship is unique.

“Studies show that people in lasting, loving, committed long-term relationships live between four and 15 years longer, they are promoted more often, and they suffer less stress and depression.

“By learning relationship skills, it makes all the difference. It’s really powerful stuff and I love my job.”

Mrs Garner, who is now happily married, claims there are three areas which help maintain a good relationship. These are: friendship, emotion and having a sense of purpose in a relationship.


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