POLICE confiscated 40 wraps of class A drugs hidden in Kinder Surprise eggs after stopping a car in Evesham.

The Local Policing Priority Team for the South tweeted a picture of the drugs, along with cash in £20 notes.

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The account tweeted: "Suspicious vehicle sighted in #Evesham during our night shift.

"As it was pulled over, our eagle eyed officers spotted two objects being thrown from the window.

"Turns out the Kinder Surprise was actually 40 plus wraps of Class A.

"#Surprise, you’re under arrest for supply offences."

The vehicle was stopped just before just before 11pm on Monday night, (August 19) on the A44, Pitchers Hill.

A police spokesman has told the Evesham Journal a 31-year-old male was arrested for possession of class A with intent to supply, possession of class B, cannabis, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, no insurance and no MOT.

Sergeant Jones from West Mercia Police LPPT said: “This was a great bit of proactive work from officers on the South Local Policing Priority Team.

"It highlights the commitment from the LPPT and other departments around South Worcestershire to continually identify, disrupt and bring those that cause the greatest harm to society to justice”.

A Neighbourhood Community Watch account added: "Great night shift then, well done guys.

"More off the streets, less for our children to be subjected too.

"Wish they realised that not all surprises are good ones. Hopefully our justice service will be heavy on the sentencing."

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