A DAD described armed men knocking at his door, one flashing a knife before his window was smashed with a cricket bat, showering a child in broken glass.

Tommy Lee Jauncey, aged 22, previously of St George's Lane, Barbourne, Worcester, and Scott Fewtrell, 27, of Chedworth Drive, Warndon, Worcester deny affray and possession of a knife and cricket bat.

Their trial began at the city’s crown court yesterday following an incident at a terraced house in Mill Street, Diglis, Worcester at around 5.20pm on October 23, 2017. Witness Paul Taylor of Mill Street said there was a knock at his door which he answered to a fair-haired, pasty 6ft male alleged to be Fewtrell.

Mr Taylor said the man, standing two to three feet from him, immediately shouted 'remember my face!' The witnesses's wife came towards the door from the kitchen and shouted ‘he’s got a knife!’

Mr Taylor said he then saw a second male, leaning against the door frame holding a knife with a blade longer than five inches. “He had a large bladed article in his hand. He was flashing it towards me. I believe it was a kitchen knife” said Mr Taylor.

This second male was described as being about 5ft 8ins tall, dark-haired with a burgundy cap with a black peak and a Paisley bandana. Mr Taylor described this male, identified by the prosecution as Jauncey, as being of dark complexion. “I mistook him for mixed race” said Mr Taylor.

With the help of his wife he said he managed to close the door before he heard ‘a loud bang and another bang’ as the window of his living room was smashed, showering a child inside the house with glass. He estimated the incident lasted around 10 minutes. Mr Taylor told the jury he had seen the fair-haired male before at his home for about three to four minutes a few months before.

Richard Hull, for Jauncey, asked how he could see the male was dark if he was wearing a cap. Mr Taylor replied that he could see his sideburns and eyebrows and his skin.

Mr Hull said it would be impossible for Mr Taylor to describe the suspect’s ethnicity if all he could see of him were his eyes.

Mr Taylor said: “These individuals are in this courtroom today."

Mr Taylor described himself as ex-military, growing cannabis for his PTSD. He told the jury Fewtrell had come to his house to ‘score cannabis’. “These people came to rob me if the truth be known because they heard I was growing cannabis. They are not the sort of people I keep company with” he said.

The trial continues.