Experts consider that Stoulton Church was built between 1080 and1140 but no one really knows exactly when. What is known is that the building has been cared for by its local community for around 900 years and today they are doing their best to prepare their ancient building for life in the 21st century. Birthday celebrations are planned. The ‘Stoulton 900’ programme, celebrating continuity and change in a small rural community, will be published later this year. The Heritage Knights will lead children with their teachers, families and friends in a great quest to uncover things few people know about Stoulton’s past but there will be even more of an emphasis on Stoulton’s present and future. Activities will take place in and around Stoulton’s Church and Village Hall and along footpaths over the 1959 acres of agricultural and woodland that make up the parish. Structurally sound the church has no toilet, no internally water supply, no external drainage and no heating! A thorough makeover has begun - a Norman doorway, blocked for 200 years, has been reopened -two external doors mean more people can use the building, safely! The new door is double glazed, what a jump into the 21st century for a Norman building. See the door and other treasures in Stoulton on September 5, 6, & 7. There will be flowers, exhibitions, and live demonstrations of calligraphy and embroidery in the church and tea will be served in the Old Vicarage garden. Information: