YOU can only be inspired by the way that Ian and Vicki Jones have responded to the heartbreaking tragedy of losing their son, Tom.

The devastation of your son dying so young must be so debilitating, yet Ian and Vicki have found the strength to do something positive in a quest to prevent other people from drowning.

After the 18-year-old student died in the River Severn almost a year ago, his parents have made it their mission to raise awareness of the dangers of going into a river, whether swimming or falling in by accident as Tom apparently did.

As the faces of the West Mercia Home and Dry campaign, they are drawing on their own experience of agonising loss to make sure other people don't suffer in the same way – and that others don't die.

Mrs Jones said yesterday that “there needs to be a really strong message for students in Worcester" about the dangers of the Severn, especially after a night out, and because the tragic death of Tom was so widely reported – he was so beloved – she and Ian can be sure that their message is reaching its target.