Littletons WI Having had a break from the usual WI meetings for the summer, July being our very well attended Open Meeting with Matthew Sproston talking and singing to us about the Life and Songs of Victoria Wood and August our Summer Meeting – a trip to Stanway House and Fountain followed by afternoon tea at Toddington WI - we were back to business as usual. Following the singing of Jerusalem President, Margaret Potter, went through the business consisting mainly of WI press information and correspondence including a thank you letter from the local Food Bank for support and a “WI Husband” expressing gratitude for our support for him and his wife during a recent illness. Preparations are well underway for our entry for the Annual Council Meeting in November. We were also reminded about the forthcoming Silver Band concert on 12th September which many of our WI support and which is one of the main fund-raising events for St Nicholas Church. Our original speaker for the evening, Chris Edwards, who has moved to the West County had recommended Nick Martin to replace him. Nick’s talk was entitled “A Photographers Wild Britain”. He used a slide show to illustrate the talk which covered creatures from birds, otters, deer, hares and many others. He used hides whenever possible to get close to some of the animals and failing their availability, resorted to crawling along the ground or standing still and waiting for the animals to come to him. He visited arrears all over the British Isles from Norfolk to Mull to Northumberland to Arne in Dorset and finally Hampshire. He showed us a wood of beech trees with masses of bluebells which apparently grow very well where beech trees are. He also showed us pictures of Seeker Dee which are not native to the British Isles. It was a very good talk and I think enjoyed by all. Nick then judged the competition which was won by this writer (I promise it was not fixed). The date of our next meeting is Tuesday 8th October at 7.30 p.m. at Littletons Village Hall. This will be our sixty-ninth anniversary and we are preparing for our “tombola” birthday next year which will obviously be our seventieth. David Wornham will be our speaker for October and will be talking about “Personal Safety”. The competition will be “A Tip for a safe Halloween”. For more information including fund raising events please contact June Lloyd on 01386 830844 or see our website on Margaret Dalton