HEALTHCARE staff in Worcestershire will be able to show their solidarity after the county's health and care trust has lent its support to a campaign helping the LGBT+ community.

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust has given its backing the NHS Rainbow Badge, a national campaign to support those who identify as LGBT+

Staff across the Trust, which is the county’s main provider of community nursing, therapy and mental health services, are being given the chance to wear the NHS Rainbow Badge which is designed to demonstrate an open, non-judgmental and inclusive culture.

This week the Board of the Health and Care NHS Trust formally backed the campaign which was launched across the wider organisation on Friday.

Sarah Dugan, chief executive at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust said: “We believe that people who work in healthcare services can play a key role in making things better and by wearing a rainbow badge we are signalling our commitment.

“The initiative fits really well with our own Together We Can programme to showcase the range of support we provide for staff and our commitment to developing a supportive and inclusive culture.”

A recent Stonewall survey (Nov 2018) states that LGBT+ patients face inequalities in their experience of NHS healthcare and some avoid seeking treatment for fear of discrimination.