REDDITCH is a town traditionally famous for needles and fish-hooks, but it does have another claim to fame.

The town also happens to be home to almost 50 roundabouts.

And Kevin Beresford, the man who brought the town's uninspiring roundabouts to the world in 2003, is set to release a new calendar in 2020.

Mr Beresford, president of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society and affectionately known as one of Britain’s most dullest men, said the decision to make a Roundabouts of Redditch 2020 calendar was unanimously agreed by the appreciation society, which happens to be based in Redditch.

"The calendar will depict 12 riveting roundabouts that grace our fair town of Redditch," he said.

"A town famous for its spring and needle industries and for its copies amounts of glorious one way gyratorys."

It is not just roundabouts that Mr Beresford enjoys.

In the past he has released calendars of postboxes, lost pubs, and prisons.

Last year he released 'Gentleman's Barber Shops (with the odd uni-sex Salon) of the Evesham Road & Mount Pleasant Redditch Worcestershire (North to South) 2019 calendar'.

It featured pictures of gentleman’s barber shops and uni-sex salons and was in the running for the Guinness World Records longest calendar title ever.

Mr Beresford said: "For my calendars I like to choose slices of English life that most people wouldn’t bother with. Aren’t we all a little fed up with six-pack fireman, Hollyoaks, or One Direction type calendars?"

He admits he does not expect them to sell well.

"It’s all mainly a hobby of mine, producing calendars that are just completely and utterly naff," he added.

As well as special edition roundabouts calendars that have been previously released there are mouse mats, key fobs, chopping boards, coasters, place mats, and even dinner sets celebrating Redditch’s almost famous roundabouts.

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