WHEN the government is pushing people to choose to use public transport instead of their car in order to cut down on exhaust emissions, reducing the number of bus services in Worcester is a huge step backwards.

The cuts by First Bus will force people to use their car or take a taxi instead, driving up the number of vehicles on our roads.Then, for people like April Holmes in Tolladine, losing their bus service makes getting to work via taxi the only available option and so expensive that it's almost not worthwhile.

First Group says it is only cutting services that aren't being heavily used, but councillor Richard Udall said lots of people have contacted him to say they will be affected and that some Dines Green residents told him "they will have to give up work because of these cuts" while "young people will not be able to go to the city centre at night for entertainment”.

Nigel Eggleton, of First Worcester, said the changes "may cause some inconvenience" to a "small number of people" – but having to give up work is hardly just an inconvenience and many people will suffer.