POLICE are appealing for video footage that can help identify a driver going the WRONG WAY down the busy A448 Bromsgrove Highway.

This paper revealed last week that a shaken mum says she owes her life to an alert HGV driver after a near-miss with the motorist.

Jade Bradbury was driving from Redditch to Bromsgrove down the dual carriageway – the main route between the towns – when she was almost hit by the campervan around lunchtime on Friday.

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Along with her partner and mother, Jade was on her way to pick up her children when her car was just missed by the errant vehicle - luckily a lorry driver had warned her of the danger.

Jade told the Advertiser: “If we were hit, I don’t think we would have made it to pick the kids up. I’m so grateful to the HGV driver.

“Not long after the Foxlydiate pub bridge, the HGV was flashing us a lot and we were thinking ‘why is he flashing us?’

“Next minute we saw a black car heading into us and luckily we could swerve into the next lane to avoid a head-on smash. I honestly think it could have killed us.”

Jade was not the only motorist who had a near escape – police confirmed to the Advertiser that they had received multiple reports of a VW campervan travelling on the wrong side of the A448.

Posting on social media, police said: "We are appealing for video footage that can help identify a driver after a VW Campervan travelled the wrong way down the Bromsgrove Highway (A448) on October 11.

"Any info or dash cam footage, please use the link - https://westmercia.police.uk/operationsnap"

They added No one was injured as a result.