A NEIGHBOUR from hell who spat on people, assaulted them, hurled abuse and played loud music in the middle of the night has been handed a criminal behaviour order.

Daniel Kelleghan was made subject to the three year order following a ‘deluge’ of antisocial behaviour which led to complaints from 14 of his neighbours. The 43-year-old recovering drug addict who lives in a caravan on his elderly parents’s land in Heath Hill, Upton, was warned by magistrates he faces a prison sentence if he breaches the terms of the order.

He is banned from contacting 14 of his neighbours, from playing music, broadcast radio or television that is audible from outside his address and from refusing to leave a property when asked to do so by the lawful occupier, a provision that also extends to the home of his parents.

At Worcester Magistrates Court, Sarah Hurd, prosecuting, summarised the incidents which have caused concern to neighbours based on a 14 page statement drafted on their behalf by police.

Some people have even considered moving house as a result of his behaviour, she told the court.

Miss Hurd said although Kelleghan had some mental health issues this was not helped by him taking drugs.

She said: “The neighbourhood has suffered over the last few months, if not most of their year, quite a lot of anti-social behaviour.”

Miss Hurd said Kelleghan trespassed on people’s land and, when they came out to speak to him, would run off. He slept most of the day before coming out at antisocial times, even running through gardens at 5am.

Miss Hurd said: “He has a tendency to be aggressive and have violent outbursts not only with his own family but also with his neighbours.”

She said neighbours had to be ‘wary’ about leaving their doors open and unlocked.

“He has a bike and cycles on past, shouts abuse and swear words to people in the street. This is the kind of unpredictable behaviour they have had. It’s just a deluge of anti-social behaviour that hasn’t come before the courts,” said Miss Hurd.

The residents were described as feeling ‘vulnerable, threatened, intimidated, stressed and anxious.’ “It’s caused upset and worry with verbal attacks and sometimes physical attacks and shouting at the top of his voice” she said.

Residents have reported having their tyres slashed. One neighbour described being assaulted and falling off his bike before Kelleghan started ‘hitting and kicking’ him.

Miss Hurd said the three year order was needed to give the residents ‘peace of mind’.

The court heard Kelleghan was convicted of criminal damage and threatening behaviour on August 2 this year. He also has a previous conviction for possession of a knife in a public place.

Susie Duncan, for Kelleghan, was not sure if the drug rehabilitation order was still running but said he had been attending Swanswell which provides rehabilitation and had been placed on a reducing methadone script.

“I know his suspended sentence was activated. He’s only come out of prison this week - on Wednesday,” Mrs Duncan said.

She added: “His parents have been concerned about his mental health. They feel it’s deteriorated this year” she said. However, she pointed out that there were ‘huge gaps in his offending’ and he had developed a good relationship with his GP.

Magistrates imposed the order for three years but told Kelleghan they were pleased he was making progress.