ONE of the West Midlands MEPs was arrested on Monday night while taking part in climate change protests in London.

Ellie Chowns said she was with other Green Party MEPs trying to prevent the police from clearing a legitimate public protest from Trafalgar Square.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement at 9pm saying demonstrators could be arrested but councillor Chowns said no justification had been given.

She explained the situation through a video on Twitter.

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“I’m here in Trafalgar Square in London standing in solidarity with Extinction Rebellion protesters who have so bravely occupied spaces in our capital city for the past week or more to draw attention to the climate crisis,” she said.

“We were given notice just a short time ago that this square is no longer allowable for peaceful democratic protests. The rules have been changed. No longer is any space in London allowable for peaceful democratic protest.

“This is intolerable. There has been no justification given. This is a climate emergency.”

The MEP, who is also a Herefordshire councillor, later took to Twitter to say she was arrested while defending the right to peaceful public protest.

“That right is central to a functioning democracy," the MEP said.

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“Yesterday, public protest was banned throughout our capital city.

“This is a completely unjustified and disproportionate measure.”

Ms Chowns is one of the seven MEPs who represent the West Midlands Region.