EVESHAM’S MP Nigel Huddleston has said parliament took one step forward but two back this week.

On Tuesday night MPs voted by 329 to 299 to support the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in principle - the first time a departure deal had secured the support of the Commons.

But shortly afterwards the MPs voted 322 to 308 to reject the plan to try to get through the Commons in three days.

Mr Huddleston said: "I welcome the vote on the bill - that shows there is a Brexit MPs support, and this sends a significant message to the EU.

"But unfortunately they voted against the programme motion. A bill has to have a programme motion, so it is now in limbo.

"So people should realise anybody who didn't vote for that motion, basically voted to delay or stop Brexit.

"We have a good deal, but we now have to wait for the response from the EU (on the request for an extension).

"There are no guarantees we get one - so it actually increases the chance of no deal.

"Also there now could be a general election, which I am ready for."